Georgia Football

College Football Week 1: What Did We Learn?

Georgia Football– Well we didn’t learn very much last week. Greyson Lambert looked fine and made some good throws, but Georgia fans can’t get too excited over a glorified scrimmage.  Heck, they didn’t even finish the game.  The offense didn’t show much, but what we did see was actually refreshing.  I have no problem running … Read More

College Football: Who is Overrated?

It is finally here!  Tonight the college football season begins.  So last night I thought it would be a good idea to look at the Top 10 and see who might be overrated.  Every year there are 3 to 4 teams in the Top 10 that don’t belong and sometimes more.  When you think about … Read More

Georgia Football: 2015 Predictions & Prognostications

The days are getting shorter and the heat is showing some signs of fading. Therefore, the time has come to make bold predictions because college football will kickoff this week.  I like to do this every year just for fun, and recently with Georgia’s mediocrity it has been somewhat easy to predict their overall record … Read More

Georgia Football: Who is Going to Play Quarterback?

I have started to get really excited about the football season, and today we are only 12 days away from kickoff in Sanford stadium.  It is always fun to take the number of days from kickoff and match it up with a past or current UGA player.  For most Georgia fans you cannot think of … Read More

Georgia Football Pre-Season Rant #1

This past Saturday I cleaned out my basement to get rid of clutter and make room for some tailgate equipment.  My wife wanted to get the kids out of the house so she took them along with some cousins to get a photo with “Uga” at picture day.  I think our youngest, Giles, didn’t enjoy … Read More