College Football Week 1: What Did We Learn?

  • Georgia Football– Well we didn’t learn very much last week. Greyson Lambert looked fine and made some good throws, but Georgia fans can’t get too excited over a glorified scrimmage.  Heck, they didn’t even finish the game.  The offense didn’t show much, but what we did see was actually refreshing.  I have no problem running the ball 80% of the time if it is working.  In other news, Leonard Floyd is still good, Nick Chubb is still good, Sony Michel is still good, and Jordan Jenkins is still good.  Did I mention Lorenzo Carter?  Because he is still good too.  On the positive, it was great to see Malcolm Mitchell (pictured) and Keith Marshall appear to be 100% recovered from injuries.  In the end, Georgia fans may not learn much about the team until South Carolina.   Gotta beat Vanderbilt first though.
  • The Pac 12- Could the conference be overrated? I am guilty of loving the Pac 12 coming into the year.  So I may have to eat some crow.  So many teams just didn’t look good last week.  Arizona State got beat soundly and Arizona wasn’t impressive.  Stanford flat out lost and only managed 6 points.  On the bright side, UCLA looked really good, and P. Diddy didn’t attack anyone on the coaching staff.  A proud a day to be a Bruin indeed.  But the best part is that Roquan Smith was in Athens last Saturday and not at UCLA.
  • Ohio State- Well Dam%#t! They are still pretty good. I guess it really isn’t surprising of course, but they looked good.  And despite a stumble or two early they won by almost 20.  I just really don’t like Urban Meyer and maybe it was too much to hope for a VA Tech win.
  • Alabama– Well Dam%#t! They are still pretty good too. Derrick Henry is going to be yet another bell cow running back for Alabama.  I sure hope Georgia’s defense is deep enough to stop him in the 4th quarter.   Otherwise, you can expect Bama to run away from the Dawgs late come October.
  • Conclusions– The first week seldom tells us very much. Sometimes the teams that look good early are just fooling us.  For example, remember Texas A&M’s blow out of South Carolina last year?  By the way, what ever happened to Kenny Trill?  Oh yeah, Virginia Tech beat Ohio State last year.  Then Ohio State ran the table and Virginia Tech went on to lose 6 games.  So we all need to stay tuned because in reality we haven’t learned diddly squat.