College Football: Who is Overrated?

It is finally here!  Tonight the college football season begins.  So last night I thought it would be a good idea to look at the Top 10 and see who might be overrated.  Every year there are 3 to 4 teams in the Top 10 that don’t belong and sometimes more.  When you think about it, all the pre-season polls are really a bit silly.  How can you project rankings when no one has played a game?   In the end, no one cares that it is silly because it is a lot of fun and gives us all something to debate.  As always, these are just my opinions as a fan.  My primary job is real estate and not sports writing.  For the purposes of this blog we will use the Coaches Poll.

  • #1 Ohio State- I don’t really think they are overrated at all. What they did last year was amazing and showed the benefits of a conference championship game.  Are you listening Big 12?  In the end, I just don’t think they can do it 2 years in a row.  They will likely make the playoff, but someone will knock Ohio State off the throne this year.
  • #2 TCU- Overrated at #2. Gary Patterson has done a fantastic job coaching TCU and elevating the program. It really is impressive.  They are a good team but probably not #2.  They should end up in the Top 20 but not the Top 5.  I just don’t see it.
  • #3 Alabama- Overrated! That’s right you heard me.  I am not buying it this year.  They are always well coached and they don’t beat themselves.  Granted, I am a little partial to UGA, but SEC officials don’t like to penalize Bama for anything and that helps them year and year out.   But this year I think they lose 2 or even 3 games.  Don’t sleep on the Wisconsin game either folks.  Could be an early upset.
  • #4 Baylor- They may have this one about right. Baylor is well coached just like the rest of the Top 10, but their offense really separates them in my opinion.  Not calling for a national title, but I do think they will end up around the Top 5 in January.
  • #5 Oregon- They may have this one right too. Oregon is going to be good again, but the new transfer quarterback worries me because he has big shoes to fill. Only time will tell but the Pac 12 conference is really strong.  So it will be hard for them to get through the season without a loss.
  • #6 Michigan State- I really love their coach and admire their style of football. I also just like the color green.  I really hope they find a way to beat Ohio State but this year may not be the year.  I think they got it right and Michigan State is a top 10 team.
  • #7 Auburn- OVERRATED! Some people think their brand new quarterback is already a Heisman front runner.  Well I don’t.  I am not sold on Gus Malzahn either.  It took several miracles for Auburn to play in the title game against FSU and those don’t happen very often.  Frankly, he could easily be 0-4 against UGA and Alabama.  If they lose 4 games this year I wonder how full the “Gus Bus” will be come January?  First loss may come early by way of Louisville.
  • #8 Florida State- This one is close, but I am not sure they are a Top 10 team this year. Maybe they end up just outside the Top 10.  Everett Golson will have to stop throwing the ball to the other team if they are going to win a lot of games. Honestly, I just think another team will win the ACC this year.
  • #9 Georgia- Well everyone knows that I am a Georgia fan. Regardless, I think #9 is just about spot on.  Georgia will lose 2 games in the regular season this year.  They will fall out of the Top 10 early but fight their way back in by January.   Another close but no cigar year for the Dawgs.
  • #10 USC- Just not buying this team yet. All I hear is that USC’s first 22 can play with anybody.  Well that’s great but you need more than 22 to be real good.  Also the Pac-12 is real strong.  Watch out for Stanford and the entire state of Arizona.

So who is underrated?

  • Clemson- I like Clemson in the ACC, and I think they may finish in the Top 10.
  • LSU- I think LSU is going to win the SEC. I know, I know…they never have good quarterback play.  But that hasn’t stopped them from winning in the past.
  • Arizona and Arizona State- Can’t explain it. I guess I am just big on the state of Arizona this year.
  • Virginia Tech- I think they have a bounce back year and contend for the ACC title. Ohio State should be on the lookout early for this team.