College Football Week 2: Final Thoughts

  • Georgia-Well they won but Saturday was scary at times.  It had all the makings for an upset in Nashville.  The Bulldogs missed field goals, were called for targeting, didn’t throw the ball well, and got awful calls from the officials.  But they won the game and that’s what matters.  And now UGA is ranked either #7 or #8 depending on the poll.  Really!  As a fan, I do not feel like they are a Top 10 team at the moment.  That being said, the next month will go a long way in determining how good Georgia is or how good they can be.  Their first big game is coming up this weekend against South Carolina.  The gamecocks haven’t looked very good to this point, and they just lost their starting quarterback.  Regardless, smart Georgia fans will not underestimate the Gamecocks as long as they are coached by Stevie.  You just have to believe that Spurrier will find a way to rally the team and play well against Georgia.  We have seen it too many times.  I can’t talk about the game without mentioning the quarterback situation.  Greyson Lambert did not have a good game.The first half was atrocious, but he did a good job of recovering in the 2nd half.  There doesn’t seem to be a QB controversy according the coaches.  They seem set with Lambert, but I think the fans are getting worried and growing restless.  I hope Lambert plays better Saturday and looks a little more comfortable.  Despite what the coaches say, I think Lambert could get pulled if he plays like he did against Vandy.  So far the passing game has looked pretty bad. Right now Georgia looks thin at receiver and not very talented.  Let’s hope they change that perception soon.  Otherwise, Nick Chubb and company are going to have a hard time against better opponents.   The play calling has been very vanilla so far and I hope that will change moving forward.  On a positive note, Nick Chubb(pictured) is very good and quietly ran for 189 yards.
  • Auburn- I do not care for Auburn.  Needless to say, I enjoyed their game on Saturday.  Auburn’s quarterback is overrated plain and simple. They need to get back to running the ball, and if they do that they will get better.   But I still don’t think they can beat LSU or Alabama, and they could easily lose to Texas A&M & Georgia.  How full will the “Gus Bus” be if Auburn loses 4 or more games? On another note, enough with sweater vest Gus.
    Generally, orange sweater vests are not a good fashion choice.  Just saying.
  • SEC Overrated– I do think the conference is a little overrated.  Don’t get me wrong, I still think it is the best conference but just a little overrated.  Many teams looked bad this week.  Arkansas had the biggest humiliation by losing to Toledo.  Where the hell is Toledo anyway?  Ohio?  Auburn, Florida, and Missouri all squeaked by with wins against schools that collected paychecks after the game.  Tennessee was in control against Oklahoma but couldn’t hold on.  I guess they need a few more bricks up in Knoxville.  I have no issue admitting the SEC is a little overrated.  But what I can’t stand is the “ACC Guy”telling me the SEC is overrated. ACC football is like SEC Basketball.  Year and year out there are only 3 relevant teams.  4 in a good year.   So “ACC Guy” needs to shut up and enjoy the Wake Forest vs. Indiana game next week.  That one outta be a good one.
  • Targeting Rule– This is dumbest damn rule in football right now.  It is too subjective and the punishment is too severe.  Last week numerous players were ejected and many of the calls were questionable.  In fact, I have only seen a few calls that I thought correct when it comes to targeting.  In most cases, the defender is simply trying to do their job which is to tackle the man with the ball.  Sadly, I think this rule is here to stay.
  •  Signs at SEC Nation– Vandy what’s with all the Georgia insult signs?  SEC Nation was on site for the Georgia/Vanderbilt game last week.  And many of the Vandy fans were trying hard to insult Georgia.  Two of the signs stand out.  “The only Dawgs here are UGA girls” and “If you can read this sign you didn’t go to Georgia”  I am all for having a little fun at the opponent’s expense but base the insult in some form of reality.   There are many areas people can pick on Georgia, but they have lots of pretty girls.  And while UGA is not Vanderbilt, it is a fairly strong school.  Besides, Georgia already has enough rivals so they aren’t interested in hating Vanderbilt.   Overall, the best sign in Nashville last Saturday had to be “You guys are blocking the library”