Top Ten Moments in the Smart Era

You probably know this already, but when I am not talking about real estate from my computer screen, I really enjoy talking about Georgia football. It is just more fun to talk about this versus anything related to business. If you follow me or our company on social media, you see a lot of real estate graphs and market updates. Today, we are only talking about Georgia football. With SEC media days going on this week, it felt like the perfect time to have a fun discussion. I took a little time and tried to list in order the Top 10 moments of Georgia football during the Kirby Smart era. So, I started to think back to many past games and the big moments. As of late, Georgia fans have been blessed to watch their team experience so much success. There have been so many big plays that it was hard to pick just 10 moments and then rank them accordingly.  While some of you will disagree, that’s the fun part.   Feel free to tell me where I got it wrong, but listed below are the Top 10 moments in my view. I feel certain most will agree on number one, but number two through number ten will spur some debate.

#10 | The Safety vs UNC in 2016

I know this may not seem like the biggest game, but you must remember the context and where Georgia was in 2016. It was Kirby’s first game and Nick Chubb’s first game back as well. It was a national stage and the beginning of a new era. When I think back to this game, I was so excited to see what would happen. The team needed to start off with a big win, and this was the big moment.

Roquan Smith Makes the Play

#9 | 4th and 3 vs Auburn 2016

Georgia has dominated Auburn over the last twenty years, but in that time, Auburn won a championship and played for another. At this point in the season, Georgia had already lost to Vanderbilt, Florida, and Tennessee. This was a big win, and one that stands out to me. Especially, when I recall the arrogant Auburn fan at our tailgate who spent the day explaining to me what was wrong with Georgia’s program. He wandered off late in the fourth quarter, and oddly, he hasn’t returned to our tailgate since. 

4th and 3 for Auburn Late in the 4th Quarter

#8 | Explosion at the End of 1st Half vs Florida 2021

Florida is Georgia’s biggest rival and wins over the Gators always matter, but even though Georgia was a heavy favorite, the last two minutes of the half at this game was just too much fun, and the fact that happened in Jacksonville places it in the top ten.

Three Scores in Row

#7 | JR Reed Scoop and Score vs Florida in 2017

I watched this game with some of my old friends in a mountain house while it rained all day long. We all had our kids with us who were all below 5 or 6 years old at the time. It might be one of the most fun days I have had in my life all because of the company and this game. There were so many moments to pick from in this one but going up 35 to 0 on the Gators might be the best moment.

The Scoop and Score

#6 | The Curtain Call for Stetson vs TCU

I will catch some flak for this one not being higher up, but this just isn’t as big as some other moments.  I can’t believe that winning a second national championship doesn’t make it past number six for me, but I think the opponent matters.  It was a great moment, but beating TCU is different from beating some other opponents on this list. No offense to TCU, but this is the truth for many Georgia fans 

Stetson Takes a Bow

#5 | DeAndre Runs it Back to Philadelphia vs Auburn 2017

This was a big-time moment for Georgia fans. Earlier in the year, Georgia had lost badly to Auburn on the road, but they had a chance to get revenge against the “Gus Bus,” and this play is remembered as the one that sealed the victory sending Georgia to the College Football Playoff for the first time and earning the school another SEC title. 

The Freshman from Philadelphia

#4 | The Midnight Miss vs Ohio State

To be frank, I am not proud of my behavior during this game. Early on, I was fairly dejected during the game and after Georgia took the lead, I was still furious that we left so much time on the clock.  I was certain that Ohio State would win, but I was wrong, and I think karma might have been on my side that night. After all, what I do and say directly impacts the football game (lol).  Back in 2016, at our tailgate for the Tennessee game, an Ohio State fan was secretly taking a video of me as Tennessee completed that last second hail Mary to beat Georgia. They shared the video to have a laugh at my expense as I graciously hosted them at our tailgate. As you can see, I have not forgotten. And by the way, it wasn’t targeting. All jokes aside, I am still quite fond of this Buckeye fan.

The Midnight Miss

#3 | The Sack that Sealed Victory vs Notre Dame 2017

What most people remember about this game is all the Georgia fans in the stadium or Terry Godwin’s catch, but the end of the game was the biggest moment. Considering the opponent, a freshman quarterback, and the historic year 2017 turned out to be, this moment is in my Top 3.

Strip Sack Fumble by Bellamy

#2 | The Blocked Kick vs Oklahoma in the Rose Bowl

I know many of you might believe the bigger moment would be Sony Michel running towards the end zone to win the game. That was big, but I was there in person and the blocked kick by Lorenzo Carter was just before the run and for me the two plays almost ran together. All the Georgia fans were still catching their breath when Sony saw daylight. This game is the best sporting event that I have ever attended as a Georgia fan. It might also be the most peculiar and most expensive Uber ride of my life.

Lorenzo Carter Swats the Kick

#1 | Kylee Ringo Returns It in the National Championship

This one was easy of course. There’s no bigger moment in the era for a Georgia fan or past player. I wasn’t there in person but the emotion in the stadium was evident on the screen, and you could hear all of Athens cheering from my back porch that night. I am proud to admit that our kids skipped school the next day. We went downtown, rang the bell, and purchased Bulldog memorabilia.

Ringo Runs it Back

Final Thoughts

I am sure many of you will disagree with this list, and feel free to let me know. Also, please take note that nothing from a Georgia Tech game was listed in this Top 10. It’s just not a big enough win anymore. Take that Techie! In the meantime, enjoy the rest of your summer, please excuse my grammar and syntax mistakes, and maybe we will see you around Athens come September.  Go Dawgs!