Preseason Predictions | Georgia Football 2023

Well, it is that time of year again when the temperature gets hot here in Athens, and everyone is anxiously awaiting the return of cooler air and Georgia football. If you’re reading this, then you have probably read some of my posts in the past.  I am big fan of Georgia football as are many of the realtors at our company, 5Market Realty.  Several years ago, just for fun I started writing blog posts about Georgia football and putting out preseason predictions. It has evolved into videos and prediction contests with our clients and YouTube followers.  If truth be told, I think it is fun to stay in touch with friends and clients without it always being about real estate.  In fact, I have friends that pick on me because I am always talking about what’s going in my world or griping about it without ever really inquiring about their working world. A friend recently said, “Thanks to Talley, I know all the players and all about the local real estate market, but he doesn’t know one thing about what I do.” He probably has a point. So, with that in mind, let’s talk about football and not real estate.

This year it kind of snuck up on me.  We have a new company called Red and Black Rentals that offers property management services and that has added to our work load this August with property turns and move ins.  As of today, we are less than ten days away from Georgia’s first game, and I wanted to get out a quick preseason prediction before week one.  In the video below, I have a quick discussion about the season and make my prediction that Georgia will lose one game in the regular season. Please don’t misunderstand my prediction as an effort to be correct.  I am not pulling for a one loss season.  I am all in on Georgia running the table, but I just have that same old worry.  The season is long and unpredictable.  Who would have thought Tennessee would be ranked #1 when they came into Sanford last year?  Who would have predicted that Missouri would be the closest score for Georgia in SEC play? So, don’t get mad at me, but I think there is at least one loss out there for the Bulldogs.

Also, if you follow our Georgia football prediction contests, be sure to note that this season we will not be doing them every single week, but only for SEC games and other big opponents. This year, our first prediction contest will be the South Carolina game. We will share those from our company website and our YouTube channel along with our social media sites. Sorry folks, just trying to reduce the work load, but we are looking forward to another year of Georgia football and your predictions. Go Dawgs!

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