Georgia-Auburn Game: Apathy for Auburn in Athens

The use of alliteration with “apathy” seems appropriate for this week’s match up. Because that is exactly what it feels like here in town.  Everyone just seems apathetic.  This is not the first time either.  Earlier this year, Athens felt the same way leading up to the Tennessee game, and we all know how that turned out.  In reality, there is still a lot for Georgia to accomplish.  The problem is too many fans just don’t seem to care that much.  Georgia can still win out and go to a good bowl. And they can still beat two of their hated rivals in Auburn and Tech.  I think the biggest issue for the fans is not that Georgia lost three games.  It is how they lost them.  They weren’t even competitive against Florida and Alabama, and the Tennessee loss was just ridiculous.  While all this frustration is understandable, it is time to get over it.  Well at least for the time being.  Granted, both fan bases are already disappointed, but how disappointed will you be if Georgia losses?  I for one will be inconsolable.  I can’t stand Auburn, and I hate to watch UGA lose.  Besides, 3 times is enough already.  Therefore, I am starting to get fired up because this game always matters.  I know that neither team is ranked but trust me this game matters.  So once again, I feel the need to remind Dawg fans of some history to get them fired up.

THEY TURNED THE HOSES ON US!– In 1986, Georgia won a hard fought game 20 to 16. Losing is never fun. So I understand Auburn’s frustration, but come on man.


TOO MANY GREAT GAMES– This rivalry has seen some of the most entertaining games in college football history.  Both teams have won and lost their share.  Here are a few examples

1994 Tied On Plains- Auburn was on probation (Go figure) and had not lost a game in almost 2 years.  Georgia was unranked, but shocked everyone when they played Auburn to 23-23 tie.

1996 Overtimes- Auburn was again the favorite to an overmatched Georgia team.  This was the first year that overtime was used in College Football.  Georgia completed an amazing 2nd half comeback and went on to win in 4 overtimes.  This game was the longest game in college football for several years.

2001- Auburn stopped Jasper Sanks at the goal line with time running out.  Georgia couldn’t stop the clock and time ran out.  Auburn won..

2002- David Greene hit Michael Johnson in the corner of the end zone on 4th and 15 to win the game and the SEC East.  In my personal Top 10 of life moments. Marriage and kids are at the top of course.

2013- “The Prayer in Jordan-Hare”.  We all know what happened, and I’m not going to discuss it further.

These are just a few of the many great Georgia-Auburn games.  And please note that I did not post any videos of Auburn victories nor will I.

CAM NEWTON & NIC FAIRLEY– This rivalry was starting to become some what classy until 2010 when Fairley and Cam Newton played their one year at Auburn.  Georgia fans have little respect for either of these players.   Honestly, this video is all any Georgia fan needs to get fired up.

In case you haven’t noticed, I recently learned how to embed video on the blog. HA!  Now you have no excuse to feel apathetic about the game.  Because Saturday could be yet another classic.  I am just glad Newton and Fairley are gone.  To hell with those boys.  Go Dawgs!

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