Don’t Worry Be Happy Dawg Fans!

Last night and early this morning I found myself getting fed up and almost angry with social media. I know that sounds ridiculous for a person with a very active Facebook and Instagram account. But about 3 to 4 times a year, I just get exhausted with people on social media. As a Realtor, I am absolutely exhausted with people sharing client reviews or any other silly thing to tell you just how great they are in order to hopefully get more business. I am exhausted with selfies and people portraying themselves in a manner far from their reality. As of late, I am exhausted with that GIF or meme of the woman pointing and the cat talking back. Please make it STOP! I haven’t even mentioned the political exhaustion we all feel on the news and of course social media. And yes, I do understand the irony here because I am sharing this post to social media in hopes someone will read it. But there is one more thing I am exhausted with right now. I am exhausted with the narrative that Georgia won’t win.
Too many thought Florida would beat Georgia, and too many thought Auburn would surely defeat the offensively inept Bulldogs. And last week even I was frustrated at halftime of a 52 to 7 win over the Terrible Techies. Later that day, I was texting back and forth with friends and relatives about all thing’s college football. A couple things from these text threads made me a little mad. First, one of my good friends commented on how Georgia is playing with house money. Well, I appreciate his comment being positive, but I didn’t like the idea of just being happy to be in the game. Sort of sounded like he is preparing to suffer defeat. On another text thread, two of the most negative people I have ever met couldn’t help commenting on how bad Georgia is and just how bad LSU will beat Georgia on Saturday. With a little a liquid courage, I argued back in the most tactful and polite manner possible. Did you pick up on the sarcasm right there?
So here a few points I would like to make before this Saturday’s match up with LSU:

1) Be Happy Dawg Fans– This year too many of us seem frustrated or mad at times, and I just don’t get it. Georgia is good, but we haven’t been on a Bama 10-year dynasty run. Yes, Georgia lost a bad game to South Carolina. So, what! Georgia is still in the SEC Championship with everything to play for this weekend. Keep in mind, Georgia has beaten Notre Dame, Tennessee, Auburn, Florida, Texas A & M, and GA Tech 52 to 7 this season. I would take that every year if I could. If Georgia fans can’t be happy today, can we ever be happy? What happens if we win it all? Well, I think it would be great until Georgia loses another game and the sky will fall again. God help us if Georgia ever loses two games in the regular season again. My point here is to enjoy the ride Georgia fans because College Football is a lot more fun when your team is relevant.

2) Georgia Can and Will Win Saturday– Yep, I am calling for it. I know how it looks to the naked eye. LSU seems unstoppable, and Georgia just can’t get things going on offense. Furthermore, Vegas has Georgia as a 7-point underdog. As good as LSU is right now, they have sold their soul to get an offense. And the devil will collect his payment on Saturday. Don’t get me wrong, LSU is a GREAT football team, and beating them will be a very hard thing to accomplish. But it is damn hard to win all your games in the SEC, keep in mind that LSU doesn’t have to win Saturday. They could lose to Georgia and will likely still be in the playoff based on their schedule this year. That is a bigger deal then you may realize. LSU is the team playing with house money not Georgia. Georgia is playing for everything whereas LSU will play for everything in the next game. In fact, LSU may lose Saturday, and still win the national championship. No reason to go thru the X’s and O’s, but you got the best offense clashing with the best defense and that should be very entertaining. And if you take a harder look a LSU’s schedule there is a little more fluff than people ight realize.  I think Georgia finds enough points and keeps LSU below 35 in another fun one. I like Georgia 34 to 31. Go Dawgs!