College Football Week 6: Anger in Athens

Once again Dawg fans suffered a tough loss on a rainy day.  As bad as the Bama game was, this one hurt more. When I decided to start a real estate blog the football posts were a fun add on for me.  I love college football, and I really love Georgia football.  It’s not to hard to write about things you know a lot about or love.  Real estate & Georgia football fall into those categories for me. Nevertheless, the past two football blogs haven’t been much fun to write.  In the past, I have spent too much time griping or complaining.  And sadly I still let negativity get the best of me from time to time. But I try real hard to stay positive especially when it comes to pulling for the Bulldogs.  So I am going to try and stay positive here, but I may veer off course from time to time.

THE GAME– I called for Georgia to win last week which was yet another flip flop.  That was maybe an example of me being “positive”.  By the time Saturday morning rolled around I started to get a bad feeling.  It was very similar to the way I felt last year before the Georgia Florida game.  I am no soothsayer, but I have seen a lot of Georgia games go bad. And sometimes “you can feel it coming in the air” just like Phil Collins(pictured).  I also called for the Dawgs get up off the mat and hit back.  I think they were trying to do just that, but they took yet another punch to the gut on the very first play.   We all know what happened and there is no need to delve into more.  Let’s just hope that Chubb makes a strong recovery and keeps his future bright.  After the injury, the 1st quarter was pretty bleak for the offense.  Maybe it was due to an aggressive Tennessee team or maybe it was because a bunch of kids just watched their friend, teammate, and leader suffer a really bad injury which has been too common for these Bulldogs.   I feel that I have to comment on the CBS coverage.  I was sick and tired of CBS showing Nick Chubb in physical & emotional pain on the sidelines.  Once or twice is permissible, but they did it too much. I think it was in very poor taste.   Boo CBS!  I am not going to talk much more on how it happened , but Georgia essentially lost the game in the final minute of the 1st half.  Totally unacceptable to give up 14 points in less than a minute of play.

THE DEFENSE- I have been listening to the radio, and the defense along with Jeremy Pruitt are starting to catch a little blame as well.  Some of this maybe warranted, but I think the defense was asked to play too many plays last Saturday.  If you recall, Georgia was winning 24 to 3 with 1:30 to go in the first half.

That was mainly due to the defense and special teams.  However, at that point in the game the defense had played the equivalent of 3 to 4 quarters.  They were on the field almost the entire half.  This caught up to the Georgia late in the 1st half and again in the 2nd half.  What the defense needs is more depth, more experience, and more rest.  I don’t think anyone should be blaming the defense.  If anything you should thank them for keeping it close.

THE QUARTERBACK– Well its official this has become a real problem.  I said before that they made the wrong call taking Lambert out so quickly against Alabama.  What confidence Lambert had in himself is gone, and I think it has affected his play and his team mate’s perception of him.  At this point, you might as well go ahead and play Ramsey.  All that aside, Lambert has to take some blame here.  The only receiver he throws to is Malcolm Mitchell.  They have to get the Tight Ends involved in the pass game.  They also have to find another threat other than Mitchell.  Maybe the receivers just aren’t getting open or maybe the quarterback just isn’t looking.

THE COACH – Well here we are again.  Mark Richt is on the hot seat and it’s not even Halloween.  I have to admit that I am down on Mark Richt right now, but not sure I am ready to give up on him.

I am really frustrated and closer than I have ever been to getting out of his corner.  The next couple of weeks will go a long way for me.  If the team rallies and puts up 4 wins than I am going to stay on board. But if we lose 2 or 3 more games…well, I don’t know.  I just don’t know.  There is a good way to tell if you have the right coach.   Just ask rival fans if they want to see your coach leave.  If they say, “yes” than you probably have the right guy.  If no, than you probably don’t.  So let’s take a look a look at who wouldn’t mind seeing Mark Richt leave Georgia.

GA Tech would love to see Richt leave UGA.  They have only beaten him twice.

Tennessee would love to see him leave as well.  They won Saturday but it had been a while.

Auburn would like to see Richt leave too.  They have won 2 times in the last 7 years.

Florida would like to see him stay.  Florida still seems to have his number

South Carolina could go either way but I say they want Richt to stay.

Alabama definitely wants him to stay.

So that’s 3 wanting him to leave and 3 wanting him to stay.  This is a prime example of why it is such a hard call.  Will he turn it around or we will see more of the same.  Let’s check back around Thanksgiving.

THE FANS – I think it may be time for many Georgia fans to take a long look in the mirror. You may not like what you see.  Saturday serves as a prime example of what an ugly bunch we can be from time to time.  The internet was full of negative and ugly comments.  Some about coaches and some about players.  Georgia fans like to make fun of Gator fans, Bama fans, and Auburn fans.  This is of course typical in SEC football.

Not getting along with other fans is part of the fun, but we Dawg fans seem to think our “s%#t” doesn’t stink so to speak.  Let me explain the reality to you. Georgia hasn’t won a national championship in almost 35 years.  That means we Georgia fans may have an unrealistic expectation.  Don’t misunderstand me. I think UGA should be in the discussion every year, and it is totally unacceptable to me that it has been so long.  But the reality is that it has been that long which is the entire span of my life.  Sanford Stadium is always full of fans calling some coach an idiot.  I have been hearing it my whole life. All the way from the early 80s to now.  This may be the case everywhere, but I also know that Sanford stadium is not a scary place for opposing teams.  That is our fault.  Our rivals seem to do a better job of supporting their teams and getting loud.  It just seems to be an area that Georgia doesn’t quite get it done.  There are plenty of great fans, but too many of us are just not as dedicated as our rivals and maybe that trickles all the way into the program.  Maybe just maybe we are getting out what we are putting in.  Granted, we have some great fans and some real die hards.  But I just think we could use a little less bit#%ing and a little more cheering.   I hope to see a big crowd at the tailgate Saturday.  Good weather would help.  But Sanford stadium needs to be rocking because these kids could use a little support this week.  Go Dawgs!