College Football Week 11: Needing Some Sunshine in Athens

It feels like it is has rained on Georgia’s football season all year, and last week was no different.  Frankly, it was just dreadful here in Athens.  It all started with the horrific GA/FL game on Halloween.  Towards the end of that debacle, clouds and rain staring to roll into Athens and didn’t leave all week.  In fact, the clouds are still here 9 days later.  We really need the sun to come out today.  Badly!  As a result of the game, our fan base became angry, disgruntled, and divided.  If the weather and the season weren’t already bad enough we added some coaching rumors to the mix.  Unless you were in a cave last week, you heard a lot of rumors about the Georgia coaching staff, and in particular the Defensive Coordinator, Jeremy Pruitt.  I cannot verify any of these rumors, and even if I could I still would not.  Whether they are true or not they are still upsetting to me, and a sign that the program is not in good shape.  That being said, Georgia fans needed a lot of sunshine Saturday to improve their spirits.  Sadly, Saturday morning brought some of the worst weather all week.

As I mentioned before, I organize a large tailgate on South Campus. Overall it has been really fun, and I have enjoyed it despite the extra work it creates for myself.  But this year we just can’t catch a break with the weather.  The rain poured so heavily on our tailgate during setup that I actually looked around and asked, “what the hell are we doing?”  Which is a statement I have yelled many times this year in regards to Georgia football.   I think I yelled it 6 times during the Florida game.  Despite the weather, Georgia did get the win. I must admit it feels good to see my team win again, but that was a terrible Kentucky team that past Georgia teams would of beat by 50 points.  Therefore, the win over Kentucky didn’t bring enough sunshine to change my opinion of the season, the staff, or the direction of the program.  Alright that’s enough griping for now. Let’s take a look at last week and see what happened with some other teams.

CLEMSON– Well good for you Clemson.  You did it.  You beat FSU when it really mattered.  Clemson didn’t look as good in this game as they have in others, but they won the game.  Granted, FSU may not be as good this year as they were 2 years ago, but that’s not Clemson’s fault.  Clemson fans will find out tonight what the playoff committee thinks of their team.  Maybe the Tigers will end up #1 but then again maybe not.  Whatever the result, soak it in Clemson fans.  Don’t gripe and don’t complain if you are not #1.  #1 only matters in January.  If your team takes care of business they will get the chance to prove themselves.  But please, please don’t get the big head just yet.  Still a lot of football left.

ALABAMA– Dammit! They are still good.  I kept thinking some kinks were starting to show in the program.  But today that doesn’t seem to be the case.  Alabama looked dominate against LSU.  The line of scrimmage tells the story in a game. And Bama won that battle all night long.  You are going to start to hear people say that Bama is the best team in the country.  And they looked pretty darn good Saturday night.  But just like Clemson, they have football left to play and you just never know.  Remember the Ole Miss game earlier this year?  Crazy things can happen.  But one thing seems to bother me about Alabama.  How are they so much stronger and physical than everyone else?  I mean do they lift different weights?  I just find it hard to believe they work harder than other big SEC programs.  Not accusing them of anything, but I just wonder how that happens. I wonder?

TCU GOES DOWN– I didn’t get to watch this game, but I heard about the result.  And no offense to TCU, but thanks Oklahoma State.  I have said before that I am just not comfortable in a world with TCU and Baylor as football powers.

THE SEC EAST– Did you see the Florida/Vanderbilt game?  Well I hope not because it was the worst college football game since UGA played Missouri earlier this year. Seriously, the score was 9 to 7. That’s all Florida could manage, and they are the Champion in the SEC East.  What an absolutely dreadful division.  What’s worse is that Georgia can’t win it.  A Florida team that can’t score 10 points against Vanderbilt is still superior to the Bulldogs.  That is disgusting to me.

A LOOK AHEAD– Well it’s time for the Georgia/Auburn game a.k.a. “The Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry”.  I do not care for Auburn, and I have been pretty critical of Gus Malzahan a few times this year.  I also predicted that Auburn would lose at least 3 games if not more.  While that prediction may hold true it also proving accurate for my beloved Bulldogs.   In fact, both teams have had very similar years.   Each team has offensive problems and quarterback issues which of course go hand in hand.  Honestly, I don’t know what to think about this game.  I think Georgia’s defense can stop Auburn, but Georgia may not be able to score either.  History has shown us to expect the unexpected when it comes to rivalry games.  This one is a coin toss.  Anybody can win.

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