College Football: A Look Back at Preseason Prognostications

We have reached the half way point, and Georgia is off this week.  So it seems like a good time to look back and see how my predictions are holding up.  As I mentioned before, I am no football analyst or college football insider.1813792  I simply enjoy college football like many people here in the South.  I have been right on predictions before, but more often than not I have been wrong.  It is always fun to look back, and see where you got it right and where you got it wrong.

Where I Was Right:

Georgia’s Record– I called for UGA to go 10-2 with losses to Auburn and Tennessee.  Well obviously Georgia has already lost 2 games.  One to Bama and one to Tennessee, but I am going to hold out hope that they can win out and at least finish 10-2 however doubtful it may seem.

Auburn was Overrated– So far, Auburn has lived up to my predictions.  But much like Georgia they are at point in the season where they can salvage the year or make it a total disaster.  This one wasn’t too hard to predict.  I just think their coach is overrated, and any Heisman hype for a kid that played 1 game is always a bad sign.   I will say they seem to be improving and remain dangerous for any opposing team.

USC was Overrated– Jiminy Crickets! USC is a dumpster fire. Much like Auburn this was not exactly a bold prediction in my opinion.  USC is just one of those teams people want to be good.  Sort of like Notre Dame.  But I would have never guessed their coach would be fired and sent off to rehab in mid-season for alcoholism.

Clemson and LSU– I was big on these two teams to start the year.  So far, it looks like I may be right.  I have not watched a lot of Clemson, but I will be pulling for them against FSU.  But Clemson really needs another sponsor. FATZ is not the image you want to project.  On the other hand, I am not sure LSU is exactly a world beater.  In fact, I think the SEC may just be weaker this year that in years past.  Time will tell, but LSU seems a little too one dimensional.

Others– Well I said Michigan State, Baylor, and Ohio State would be good.  I don’t exactly deserve a cookie for this prediction. Would love to see them all lose however.  Even Michigan State.

Where I was Wrong:

Georgia- Going have to put this one in the wrong category too.  I really hope they finish the year strong, and I do think they could surprise everybody in Jacksonville.  But let’s be honest.  Right now this looks like an 8-4 football team.

Arizona and Arizona State Good– What the hell was I thinking? That’s what I get for making predictions about teams I know very little about.  This was a very stupid prediction. Seriously, why did I even bring these two teams up at all? I might as well have made predictions on Colorado and Washington State while I was being an idiot.

Alabama Overrated– After the Ole Miss game I was looking pretty good, but they responded by soundly beating my beloved Bulldogs.

And they recently beat A & M in College Station.  I still think they could lose 3 games so stay tuned on this one.  They are not world beaters either.

TCU Overrated– Probably a bad call because they have a good coach.  But I just have a hard time excepting a world where Baylor, TCU, and Utah are powers.

Florida State Not Top 10– Well the Clemson game will decide this one.  But I have to admit that Everett Golson has looked good so far this year.

Spurrier & South Carolina Being Dangerous– Wow!  Who would have thought this would happen?  Not only was South Carolina awful this year, but Spurrier walked away from coaching mid-season.  I am really not sure what happened with this one.  I wonder if the administration asked him to leave at the end of year and he just said, “To hell with it, I’ll leave now”

What’s so sad to think about is that college football has about a month left.  That is really sad to me because it is such a fun time of year.  Why can’t they extend football and shorten baseball.  I love the Braves of course, but by August I am totally over baseball.  Still it should be a very interesting finish to the year in college football.  There are a lot of big games left that will decide a lot.  Stay tuned and don’t give up on your Bulldogs.   Two of the best wins in Jacksonville came when no one thought it would happen.  1997 and 2007 were great wins for Georgia, and they caught everyone by surprise. Rivalry games are weird and impossible to predict sometimes.  When everyone thinks you can’t win it often provides a lot of motivation.  Boo Gators!  Gators Eat Boogers!  More Gator bashing to come next week.