Month: November 2015

End of an Era:  Not Going to Say I Told You So

Well I am sure by now you have heard the news.  Mark Richt is no longer the coach at the University of Georgia. Well technically he still is, but he won’t be after the bowl game.  Early yesterday afternoon it was announced that Mark Richt and Greg McGarity had mutually decided that Richt would resign. … Read More

Georgia-Auburn Game: Apathy for Auburn in Athens

The use of alliteration with “apathy” seems appropriate for this week’s match up. Because that is exactly what it feels like here in town.  Everyone just seems apathetic.  This is not the first time either.  Earlier this year, Athens felt the same way leading up to the Tennessee game, and we all know how that … Read More

College Football Week 9: What Would Lewis Say?

I wish Lewis Grizzard was still around to make us all laugh. But I suspect he wouldn’t find much humor around Georgia football right now.  In his honor, I will have to pull one of his old maneuvers.  Because I just don’t have the enthusiasm to write anything this week. Maybe Next Week.   I DON’T … Read More