Month: October 2015

Athens, GA Real Estate: The Normaltown Market

As I have mentioned before, Athens is a very unique town for many reasons.  It is a small city but it has a lot to offer.  There are great restaurants, good shopping, great music, and of course there are numerous events in town throughout the year.    But in terms of real estate, Athens is unique … Read More

College Football Week 8: Here Comes HALLOWEEN!

Last week was a good one for Dawg fans.  First of all, Georgia had the week off which means they didn’t lose.  But more importantly, Tennessee lost a heart breaker to Alabama which keeps hope alive for Georgia in the SEC East. Auburn lost a heart breaker as well which doesn’t really help Georgia, but … Read More

Athens, GA Real Estate: East Side Value

Athens is a great community that is driven by our wonderful university.  As I have mentioned before, the university brings many different people to Athens which helps create a unique population here in town.  Even though Athens is geographically small there are many different areas one can choose to live.  Each one of these areas … Read More

College Football Week 6: Anger in Athens

Once again Dawg fans suffered a tough loss on a rainy day.  As bad as the Bama game was, this one hurt more. When I decided to start a real estate blog the football posts were a fun add on for me.  I love college football, and I really love Georgia football.  It’s not to … Read More

Wake Up Dawg Fans! Because Tomorrow Matters

Tomorrow at 3:30 pm Eastern Standard Time the Georgia Bulldogs will do battle with the Tennessee Volunteers in Knoxville, TN.  At this point, it is the biggest game on Georgia’s schedule.  Despite the game’s importance, many Dawg fans seem a little apathetic.  Here in Athens, you can smell the apathy and all the previous energy … Read More

Athens, GA Real Estate Value: 5 Points

The last 5 years have been a little crazy for real estate all over the country. And Athens, GA serves a prime example of what was good and what was bad.  I am sure you can remember what it was like 5 years ago.   Our economy was in full recession which was created by the … Read More

College Football Week 5:  Oh Heavens! That Was Bad

So far I have tried to cover 5 different topics every week on college football, but this week it’s all Georgia. For Dawg fans last Saturday was utterly awful.  The weather was absolutely dreadful all day and the game didn’t help matters.  I foolishly operate a large tailgate for all the home games, and we … Read More