Month: September 2015

Investment Real Estate 102: What is a Cap Rate?

Previously, I posted a blog that addressed investment real estate for beginners.  In general, I wanted to outline some key things to consider when purchasing real estate as an investment.  Now I would I like to delve a little more into determining a value for investment property.  Value and price are obviously important components of … Read More

College Football Week 4: Final Thoughts & A Look Ahead

Georgia- Saturday’s game was about what we expected.  Georgia came out a little flat, but overall they took care of business.  There is not much to say about the Southern game.  I was glad to see Nick Chubb(pictured) get his 12th 100 yard game, but I was a little concerned about the O-line’s slow start.  Let’s … Read More

5 Points: Thoughts on the Springdale Rezone Proposal

You may or may not be aware, but a proposal to rezone a tract of land on Springdale was recently denied here in Athens.  The property is located at 348 Springdale street(pictured) right in front of Stanton Way and adjacent to the end of Rocksprings.  Currently, there are two existing houses and a tennis court … Read More

College Football Week 3:  Final Thoughts

Georgia- What a difference a week makes.  After the Vandy game, most fans were way down on Greyson Lambert, and many were predicting that Brice Ramsey would end up being the starter.  I admit that I was discouraged as well last week, but Saturday night’s game just proves that the coaches know better than us.  … Read More

College Football Week 2: Final Thoughts

Georgia-Well they won but Saturday was scary at times.  It had all the makings for an upset in Nashville.  The Bulldogs missed field goals, were called for targeting, didn’t throw the ball well, and got awful calls from the officials.  But they won the game and that’s what matters.  And now UGA is ranked either … Read More

College Football Week 1: What Did We Learn?

Georgia Football– Well we didn’t learn very much last week. Greyson Lambert looked fine and made some good throws, but Georgia fans can’t get too excited over a glorified scrimmage.  Heck, they didn’t even finish the game.  The offense didn’t show much, but what we did see was actually refreshing.  I have no problem running … Read More

Investment Real Estate 101

Investing in real estate is an absolute must for any person or family.  At the bare minimum, you need to own your home and not rent.  There are too many advantages to owning real estate, and if you don’t take advantage it can hurt you in the long run.  People invest in real estate for … Read More

Home Buying Process: Part 3 Finding a Property

The most fun part of purchasing real estate is locating the property. Unfortunately, too many buyers jump the gun on this stage and start looking before they have an agent or an understanding of their financing. This is understandable because searching for a home or investment property can be a lot of fun. Nowadays, I … Read More

College Football: Who is Overrated?

It is finally here!  Tonight the college football season begins.  So last night I thought it would be a good idea to look at the Top 10 and see who might be overrated.  Every year there are 3 to 4 teams in the Top 10 that don’t belong and sometimes more.  When you think about … Read More